About Us

We're a group of Nitro Cold Brew fanatics that love the entire experience of Nitro Coffee but wanted something better... A cost effective solution we didn't have to travel to get. Here's where we landed.

About Our Coffees

We have sampled coffees from around the world and carefully select the best coffee available for our members. Our first coffee selection is a Guatemalan blend concentrate, cold brewed especially for Nitro Coffee Club in small batches in the USA. You’ll find this delicious blend to be rich and smooth, and the concentrate makes it easy to mix your batches every few days.


Our Story

Nick and Brian created Nitro Coffee Club to make nitro cold brew easier and more affordable.

It started with Nick's daily ritual of walking to his local coffee shop for a fresh dark roast. However, one day Nick discovered the rich and smooth delight that is nitro cold brew and was instantly hooked. Over time though, spending over $5 a day for coffee started to really add up. To find a better way, Nick reached out to his friend Brian, a home brewer, beekeeper, and someone generally much smarter about these things. They began months of research into equipment, brewing methods, coffee options, and everything necessary to enjoy nitro cold brew at home.

As a result, Nitro Coffee Club was born. Thank you for joining us on this journey and we hope you love our nitro cold brew as much as we do.



Don’t Know How to Make Nitro?

It’s s easier than you think with Nitro Coffee Club!

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