Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Savor the taste of your beloved fall-spiced coffee shop treat right from the comfort of your home. Crafted with authentic pumpkin puree, sweet maple syrup, and your preferred milk, this homemade delight promises cozy autumn vibes in every sip.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from Nitro Coffee Club: The Ultimate Pumpkin Spice Cold Brew Experience

As we glide into October, the pumpkin spice aura envelops us all. Even if the mercury hasn't dipped much, there's a collective anticipation of autumn in the air.

The segue from sun-kissed summer days to crisp autumn nights stirs images of snuggly sweaters, steaming apple cider, and yes - the iconic PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE.

Brewing Tips From Nitro Coffee Club: Yet, if you resonate with the club's taste, a steaming PSL isn't always the afternoon go-to, especially when the sun's still blazing. Enter our chilled pumpkin spice cold brew.

Deliciously iced, this drink ensures you bask in all those nostalgic pumpkin spice notes, even under a warm sun. Stay cool and caffeinated with a fall twist!

Pumpkin Spice Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Recipe*

Cold Brew Coffee: ½ Cup -  You could DIY your cold brew or just buy it. But hey, life's short and we like our coffee strong! We suggest using Nitro Coffee Club's Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. Because why settle for basic when you can go full-on nitro? 

Milk Situation: ½ Cup - From trendy almond, oat, to the elite cashew milk – take your pick. And if you're feeling old school? Good ol' dairy milk. Remember, your coffee, your rules! 

Pumpkin Alert: 1 Tablespoon -  Yep, it's REAL pumpkin puree! Use sparingly though; a tad bit of pumpkin flexes quite the muscle in this mix. When shopping, aim for pure pumpkin. Not to be mistaken for its doppelganger, the pumpkin pie mix.

Pumpkin Pie Spice: ¼ Teaspoon - Craft your own mix or pick one off the shelf. We aren't judging. It’s like choosing between Netflix & Chill and Movie Theater & Popcorn.

Maple Syrup: 1 Tablespoon - Because fall in a bottle needs a sweet sidekick. Maple syrup it is! But if you're the rebel kind, swap it with honey or any sweet mischief of your liking. 

Vanilla Extract: 1 Teaspoon -  It's the secret agent. The James Bond of flavors. Non-negotiable for that irresistibly smooth vanilla touch.

Unofficial Steps to Coffee Nirvana" - The Nitro Coffee Club Way

Step One: Unleash all your drink ingredients into a high-powered blender. It's like gathering the Avengers, but for taste buds!

Step Two: Hit blend! Go until your concoction looks like it's attended a 5-star spa – smooth, creamy, and flaunting a frothy top!

Step Three: Pour that magic potion over ice (because every superhero drink needs a cool sidekick). 

Step Four: Fill the glass up with Nitro Coffee Club’s nitro cold brew. Crown it with a sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice, and voila! Serve ASAP, and watch as the world becomes a better (and tastier) place.

*This recipe is for a single serving.

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